Diabetes New Discovery

Diabetes new discovery revolution the latest news to come from a major diabetes study in Sweden has identified four different categories of diabetes, previously it was commonly accepted by members of a scientific community that there was only type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The Daily Mail reporter Ben Spencer's in depth article confirms the

BBC news Bulletin of Friday 02/03/2018

This Diabetes Discovery will Generate New in Diabetes Control Treatments

Both type one and type two are very different conditions and it is acknowledged by Diabetes UK Britain's major diabetes organization that not enough is known or understood about these sub categories of diabetes.

Diabetes New Discovery Hope

It has been known for some time that diabetes control is a huge problem growing at an alarming epidemic rate world wide. In the US alone almost a third of the population are pre-diabetic or Type 2 diabetic while here in Britain it has just been announced that diabetes control is failing,and has doubled in the last two decade,with almost a third of the population being diabetic

.It is fastest disease growing in the UK with almost one in every six hospital beds being taken by diabetics and is a major health crisis the UK.

Diabetes New Discovery Can Revolutionize Treatments
For The New Four Groups Of Type 2 Diabetes

This diabetes new discovery is major discovery could revolutionize diagnosis and help lead to the provision of more precise personalized  treatments in particular for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes control can now be categorized into four main groups,with two being mild variety and two more serious.

The first group of T2diabetics categorize the mild type affects those people who are some what overweight and mildly obese. This mainly affects those younger people with moderate insulin resistance.

However how to control diabetes is a growing concern for health officials,so the news of a new break through to control diabetes is very welcome,although more needs to be done to publicize a diabetes control diet and to control diabetes weight issues with a realistic control diabetes program.

To control type 2 diabetes with diabetes control measures a complete diabetes diet health plan requires varying exercise plans.

Another T2 group affects the middle age and elderly patients this group accounts for almost 40% of all diabetic suffers.

The first of the T2 more serious condition are the severe insulin deficient,those diagnosed with high saturation of blood sugar and reduced insulin production and moderate insulin resistance affecting mainly younger people.

.The second group of the more severe group is directly linked to those who are obese and have little diabetes control and know little of how to control diabetes or their diabetes weight control

One of the Swedish research professors acknowledged that current diagnostics and classification are insufficient to predict future complications on how to control diabetes and those already diagnosed with Type 2 2 diabetes.

But these new findings are a promising step forward in diabetes control isolating in more detail these various sub types that exist within type 2 diabetes.

.Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. If a person's body-weight is at least 20% higher than it should be, he or she is considered obese. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 you are considered overweight

Diabetes New Discovery

Can lead to new Treatments for Type 2 Diabetics

Is this diabetes new discovery the Eureka moment for diabetes control,a diabetes cure and development of new and better treatments for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

This new research is based on findings on almost15000 patients diagnosed diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Sweden and Finland and is published the leading medical journal the Lancet.

Historically diabetes has been considered by the medical profession as two groups type 1 where the pancreas produces no insulin and type 2 where the pancreas produces some but not sufficient insulin.

Now those seeking how to control diabetes in particular control type 2 diabetes. This diabetes new discovery and latest identification of four groups of type 2 diabetes it is now hoped that development for a diabetes cure. better diabetes control and possibly a diabetes drug is not to far away for suffers of this slow degenerative diabetic.

For me,I struggled for years to find an my answer to reverse and control diabetes before I found the right pathway.

Finding a process and methodology that I could use and make to fit into my lifestyle to reverse my T2diabetes completely without it adversely affecting the other areas and commitments in my lifestyle.

Even then when I had found a workable process to enable me to become diabetes free or non diabetic in remission call it what you will I found that was only the first stage.

I then discovered that lowering to normal blood sugar level to normal was only the first initial hurdle in the process to defeat diabetes and remain free for the rest of my life.

To remain non diabetic for the rest of your life you have to have a food management program with diabetic safe foods including the healthy diabetic friendly meals that fit easily into your daily life with little or no extra cost or effort involved.

When you include the extra active physical regime that is required to use up that sugar and balance your blood glucose levels this has to be just enough to stabilise your BS levels and not too much to cause a hypoglycaemic effect

All these segments/ingredients to be successful you have to be able to fit into your daily lifestyle with the minimum interruption with all the other aspects of your normal life these are the added problems faced by T2diabetics.I was able to put my reversal program into place by trial and error over a long long time.

Developing a program of simple extra physical exercises that you can fit into your normal daily lifestyle without that exercise program interfering with your work of family time can be done,and so can the more healthy approach to food to choosing a better and healthier way of eating.

It is hoped that this diabetes new discovery in isolating of the four new T2 diabetes groups will enable more focused treatments for T2diabetics in both food management with diabetic diet foods and developing simple exercise programs that fit into a T2diabetics normal everyday lifestyle.

Most of the widely promoted diabetes reversal programs can fail to take into account that most T2 diabetics already have a busy lifestyle and to add more extra time into your day along with further exhausting exercise programs or rigid diets just does not work long term.

So the program you choose is a life time change you have to live for the rest of your life make the choices I made to work,See more below

The program you choose has to take into account not only the basics of what you eat and exercise Each T2diabetics is an individual with different lifestyles so your program also has to be individual personal to you.

The program that can fit into your way of life without interfering or encroaching on work,family life and social activities is the program you will live with and be successful long term.

More diabetes information here:www.diabetesforecast.org