For most of Type 2 diabetics the pre-diabetes stage has gone and past, maybe the T2diabetes warning wasn't diagnosed in time, but that's life. Those diagnosed early enough are lucky and given a second chance to take action to reduce the sugar in their diet so T2diabetes does not develop into full blown type 2 diabetes.

SO You Have A Second Chance Make The Most Of It

Do Not Kid Yourself its not serious IT IS.

T2 Diabetes is the 7th Top killer in the USA, and the leading cause of blindness,macular degeneration,diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma and a dozen more serious health problems associated with those who have diabetes.

Diabetes develops very gradually, so with the pre-diabetes stage— your blood glucose level is creeping higher than it should —you may not have any symptoms you recognize.

However, think about if you have noticed the following:

  • you have to go to the bathroom more frequently
  • you feel the need to go with urgency
  • you feel more fatigued or weary a little more is usual
  • you feel you need more to drink more frequently than you used to drink.

    All of the above are typical symptoms associated with diabetes, so if you’re in the early stages of diabetes,you may notice some of them and then you have the opportunity to take action to halt the rise in your sugar levels so you don't get full blown diabetes.

Pre-Diabetes and what can you do to return to a normal blood sugar levels.

First there is Self Analysis

You have to ask yourself the following questions honestly, and remember if your not truthful with the answers your only cheating yourself.

       Questions A

  • Do you have 3 days weekly when you have no alcohol. YES/NO
  • Are you underweight or normal. YES/NO
  • Do you eat fresh veg and fruit every day. YES/NO
  • Do you check how much sugar you eat daily. YES/NO
  • Do you exercise for 40 minutes daily. YES/NO

Questions B

  • Do you eat processed or ready made foods. YES?NO
  • Do you eat foods to go. YES/NO
  • Do you eat white bread, cookies, cakes, pastries,or sweet foods. YES/NO
  • Do you drink sodas fruit drinks or other sugary drinks YES/NO
  • YES/NO If your answers to Questions Are NO, And Questions B YES you need to make change to avoid becoming Type 2 Diabetic.

    Diabetic Blood Sugar Tests

    The HbA1c blood test.

    When you have diabetes, your HbA1c level should be tested quiet regularly at least every 6 months by your doctor or nurse. This test measures your recent average blood sugar (glucose) level over about the last 3 months.

  • Because it is an average measurement over a period of time you do not need to fast on the day of the test. This test measures a part of the red blood cells over a period. Glucose in the blood attaches to part of the red blood cells.
  • This part can be measured and gives an accurate good indication of your average blood glucose over the previous 3 months.Diabetes develops very gradually over a long time, so when you’re in the pre-diabetes stage,this is when your blood glucose level has risen to a level that is higher than normal you may not have any symptoms that indicate your sugar level is beyond the normal level at all.

    Every person over 40 should have a simple annual Well Person Medical Check.

  • This check can identify very early stages not only for diabetes but other life threatening conditions that when treated early can save your life.
  • For men over 40 a prostate check is another life saver,and for many women these simple tests can spot many diseases and get treatment early so help you live a long and healthy life.
  • Don't think it can't happen to you. Sh-t does happen, make sure it doesn't happen to you.

  • T2diabetes does not develop into full blown type 2 diabetes overnight it takes years to develop. If your blood sugar levels are diagnosed higher than the normal levels early enough you are pre-diabetic. Lucky to be given a second chance to take action to reduce the sugar in their diet, so that T2diabetes does not develop into full blown type 2 diabetes.