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Diabetes Control

Understand how you Can Control Diabetes Type 2 & Reverse Diabetes

To reverse diabetes first you have understand how Type 2 diabetes affects your life.

By understanding the effect of excessive high blood sugar levels can help you defeat type2.

Ask any type 2 diabetic when did you realise you were diabetic?  They will usually answer I really don't know, but with one exception looking back I do recall going for a wee more than I used too, but I never thought for a moment that meant I was diabetic.

Many T2 diabetics have shown few recognizable symptoms that would tell them you are a  diabetic,and many when diagnosed diabetic are more than surprised.I know I was, and my first reaction was , Why Me. That was time when I made it my mission to start the journey to Reverse Diabetes.

Many of us who have suffered with T2diabetes are unaware of the many side effects and the damage caused to nerves that cannot be reversed, even when you have lowered your sugar level to be non diabetic once again. You can call that process diabetes reversal or just remission of the curse that is now so wide spread it affects more than a third of all US citizens.

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& Begin the  process to rid yourself of T2Diabetes.

I always look forward to Fridays it's the end of my working week and I can spend time with my family, this week, however, was a dark Friday for not one but two of the T2diabetics I know. Both have done little to help with their condition, but regularly take their medications, one still smokes Both are now suffering the stark realities of the seriousness of diabetes after minor amputations. I just cannot understand why so many do nothing mainly I believe is because they misunderstand and think medication is a cure. Has anyone got any idea's on how to spread the word that T2Diabetes is so serious?  Has  anyone any ideas on how to get the message to more T2Ds.

 All suggestions to

                                        (no frivolous ones please)

                                                                  lets all get the message out there louder?

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Diabetes Control

To control diabetes every type 2 diabetic should first start to reduce sugar intake,diabetes control starts with lowering blood sugar levels cutting down all sugary foods and drinks and beginning to exercise more like walking an extra 10 minutes daily to start with.

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